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Evaluate that, and
Who  consider  they are commonly better proposes to neglect this, not read any other such an article. 

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Recommendations to west song singers  



Acoustics - how to choose best sound system,
for reasonable low price.


There is different cases to listen music:
Usual- when you do not know what quality of music really is, considering that loudness or
style that you like that quality is.

Situation is following:  
There is experts in music and sound, average people and sound dumps, of course.
(Who do you think you are?)
But is seems to be that most people who can be get into comparing
pleasance of music quality can see the dramatic difference.
So not all thing are so bad for most people. And god is not a bad guy, thus.

(Not all so good. dEvil also can be seen. But this in other article.)

So it is possible to listen music, you adopted, much better,
with absolute else impression,
due to only quality of reproduction !
 - With not not even much price.

       Quality can be seen, and  thus felt, as this pictures in comparison with that.   


But there are many "funs" - of rock or classic music that are interested only in
their form of declaration and they inclined into it. Into desired aspects
of reproduction, so any else things is not important for them.
To theses usually recommended to economy some small money on hi-fi sound.

I think that to be able to listen "almost studio quality", (called here as hi-fi)
in most sufficient features,

with appropriate pleasance of feel it is worth to pay
as so as 1/3 of computer price does -  100-150 $ for 2.1 system.
Studio for that price is worth, if you do not want listen just loudness.

Here you can found what does it means:
"sound is crisp, bass is full, nature is natural, sound line are all stunning", not smuggling as systems below that level do.

From other side:
"for professional audio-funs there is many other devices from  pure other price digits number".
So balanced case looking reasonably best, taking price of real hi-fi into consideration.

Average systems: 70$ - usually "colorize" music- by disturbing it, and 
decreasing quality and precision.
You can get meat, soap, eggs, stranglehold, sand,  in one, press for it, instead of music.
("colorize" means - cut the angles for faster car moving.)

Else you can see the work of sound designers, and depth of the music, that can be 
better that sound track,
than only feel what is really impressible and what is not in that track. 

For 150$ -
You can than understand that usual music reproduction - is sheet!
(Most real dumps still can not be helped).

And it is most of available on market acoustic speakers.
As described there and according to reviews.


I will consider hi-fi choice, due to it is good priced today, by my opinion.
(Not as video-card -for 300$, for just good level, to compare).

The most problem part- sound speakers - all others components are much 
more precise, lower cost, and simple.

The question is - how to choose sound system.

Evaluation techniques:
Even many people can just fell quality as a result, 
Music evaluation in technical terms is a complex thing:
very many all important parameters, and  parameters of interconnections between them,
   Common ways - expert human listening and technical evaluation of sound wave characteristics.
   Experts can evaluate often better due to the result is investigated in already adequate form,
technical is more complete, where you can see all probable problems, but not real advances,
due quality in sound is still not defined in mathematical form in sound field.
  (only number of known as having quality or art sense transform effects is much, so that  the number of parameters of music description  not at least equal to this, but probably too much more.)

Technicians sometimes still does not defined better testing methodology
using some "optimal testing". Different for different cases and incomparable.

   Delivered to you by companies creators speakers characteristic are wrong of course -
and made for competition in advertising. To make you buy their even bad production, due to you will 
not understand it usually, than.
(1$ head phones is same described as 100$ one in supplied paper.)

АЧХ акустических систем. Описание методов вычисления и интерпретации

They battle much (within one bottle), but really worth to ask expert opinion, and also haw they evaluate
available graphs that simple.
- As in many web-cites mostly decided to do.

And will compile mostly their available opinions into some concise this article.

5.1 instead of 2.1 - really worth ?

I had listen surround sound and not found that it adds much quality to music.
I also prefer  to not dirtying my living room with as many speaker as possible at 
any place around you want to sit, it also often need to move satellites according to music to achieve that music conformance with 5.1. It seems not reasonable solution for me, it also of course,
 priced bigger that 2.1 systems.
Just locating place of sound source is not making melody nice.
This is just my opinion.

So I choose by following rules:
Reviewer examine some 5.1 system, and if they found that is is without drawbacks and with most advantages,
that coincides if developer engineer of system is good.
I that conclude that same named 2.1 system, made and looking same, has same quality.

So I assign same evaluation to 2.1 and 5.1 system in common, except the fact that 5.1
subwoofer is made bigger at 5.1 system, and most bass will be slightly better.
Construction and its quality is important, not some size difference.

So I reject systems that bad and high cost than healthily and brain, that I will note here.

I had read many reviews,
in most of them was found one such best system,
but the sets is different, so there is three winners:

Almost good like "Altec Lansing 621", considered not as better choice, but just good.
In this review all system showed disadvantages, except Edifier noted everywhere as very
good acoustics, at really reasonable prices. (Low prices, but relatively excellent quality - products).
Series S has  our "reasonable hi-fi" choice applied.

Low cost:
Between low cost system there is good comparison: for all and who knows quality of Edifier, probably R series.

Edifier S2.1D  Super Multimedia Speaker System
Serious enthusiasts targeted.
(worst was said about it - "it can run competitors for the money")

Edifier S5.1M Super Desktop Theater System

All reviewers found that Yamaha YST MS50 2.1 speakers are excellent in all sides of music.
Yamaha - is wide known sound specialists.
This speakers receive many other Editors choice awards.

Following are evaluted also as no problem, but good quality choice:

Creative MegaWorks 510D -400$    ( feel... good price? even for good system.) 
Creative Speakers Megaworks 250D 2.1  -150 $

Also they are all have one visible difference: big satellites, almost rectangle form.
All joy form acoustics usually - bad.

But That three system are not compared between each other in web, where I found reviews.

My choice now is:
Yamaha YST MS50 2.1  or
Edifier S2.1D , S5.1D

But it hard to find this systems on market, due to people prefer either lower or much more priced, but not theses.


2.1 is better by my opinion system that 2.0 due to natural devotion of music function between big and middle sized components into best for appropriate entity sound generation sources.
   Most known and bright sample: bass sound is not needed to be implemented in many sources due to it is not identified in spice by human.

Sound centers: ("just" my opinion)
not bad in common if to search best, but usually made of materials not intended for better sound, having configured by overall requirements of system as in 2.0 case for not  better music result.

Very good site for multimedia only (russian) -


Yamaha YST MS50 2.1 PC Speakers

Computer Hardware Reviews - Speakers - Edifier S2.1D

Современные акустические системы. Краткий экскурс

Современная компьютерная акустика: грамотная стереофония или ущербная многоканальность?

Edifier S5.1M Super Desktop Theater System

Edifier  S2.1D  Super Multimedia Speaker System

Честно бюджетная акустика от Edifier: R501, R441 и R401

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АЧХ акустических систем. Описание методов вычисления и интерпретации


Some important movie people strongly noted me that I write too much, so better to close, to satisfy more public with such a people.
Read references, get translated.