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Recommendations to west song singers       

But that who Fat west singers - is dEvil deal. Like (the) Britney. I told them not to do so.
They get money for bad body. Deceive clients, who see them after.

I had seen that Agilera's photo that too... Do some physical training - little muscles must be shown, 
do not eat sugar and any fat 3 days before any concert! 
Face, - cheers (many who take part on TV), will be looking thin, most visible as not nice for people. That 's your job, if done good. 
Be looking healthily, not only hysterically. Than better if be some smarter, - 
Joke better, if some thinkable. Find better problem to kick. (.)
Make good hair as a part of it. Dress better, not as house looser.

As I seen on TV you cheers are sufficiently full of meat, that is looking not nice.
Body is not trained, and some looking as blowed balloon.

I noted this due to this is 80/20 problem - most bad seen, that most easy eliminated,
if not neglects your clients.

Get Dance some professionally, not like unprepared cows, that only can drink much.

What you sale?
(Better of course, if art, not sub-product based on old PR success, as often does.)

Looking at MTV.


Than you can neglect me, as music is not my primarily interest, but I care about my tv-box in my room, and I d like to see thin and worth people ,(and you usually considered as real dumps, in that deal. Last sentence is -Just information.).




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