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  Want to head, everything that moves.

News is following:

"Plane" fly under machin - so strange friends want to control it.
"Plane" fly in garage - to make friends happy  is suitable for them place and they no not want any else happy for them. All other is neglecting things. So do not want to change direction or move out sure not appropriate  people out. They want people not informed about their suitability choice to make it more no doubt, due to no think and so lead.
(sitting under machine it is more suitable to plan to control it, as they think, due to for them it seems heading.)
I still can not kick them from "my friends".

They want a crap methods. And be named as friends.
Friends that are used position- again, but at head, to deceive better.

[Even in the west were small number of ppeople that truly advice me to write no more than few strings to not joy, not take part in the deal of bad people... Of many informers, that often bad. That is serious
But something good: there is possibility - to learn how informers- misinfomed.]