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  Все крутят "рычаги" (которыми им неизветно кто управляет).

They responded "they are too not brainy, too not, too not ..."
For them - it is all - in a good feel, in a responsible fun, of course, so they are singing so.

US TV messaged that this is not fully so.
This fact tells self, even was did same manner as always:
Colleges wants some lidership, but- on especially declared agreement that they must agree with low behavior... But not to do things self. Does this is strong weakness truly ? I think - yes.
Many of them  did not tried else and do not want it. I think this is full low position and move to degradation.
( "Strong" run [pitch - if really] - by this direction).

I'm not looking for gold.
About other people in this situation  people I care - when speak about much  money. And this I''m planning to proceed right.

Debt - also by getting at me (not ascing permission, to be ideal), and some like me but young people.

Collegues - not strong, really.
But I just preffer fair deal.
Spy's of course- too much worser really. But:

Spy's go for rule- even this all is a sheet - you, by your desire do not speak about it,
just keep play, so ... with time even big, even common bad opinion about spy's low behavior became
shielded (экранировано) by fair but silent by desire, and take part, people,
and implicitly kept by more and more such a people who just take part.
Thus - real fair is neglected into approved by them all position. 

Русские -
"хер" выгонишь интеллектуальных Штирлицев из своей квартиры.
Они гадят, но говорят что матом на них ругаться не надо у себя дома.
и.т.д. ... Spy's almost bites, while collegues counts the foreign people they just meet to speak more, considering that this words is big for make a picture that can be seen as big to speak about. The big - is self reasoning for so joy heading people.

[we did finished our work...]
They-  'do their deal', and 'heroically neglect' above homeownership and constitution rights.

crap - is blossom ( or bless).

"Better be confident than right". Looks more strong.

[Despite a few new wrinkles, there is little to be optimistic about. -really.]


I dislake military conservators,
due to their orientation to pure strong,
with neglecting any knowledgeble opinions and stand ons
of fair people but not of their side.
The feel of strong appears due to their method to be resolve
at any smallest own desire and neglecting much,
all reasonable stand on of else people.

"We need not any permission to protect ... over the world" Germany. A.Hitler
Very strong and sequensive military conservatour.

But I like America. Even dislake some their impudent and domb people.

I afraid many proposals in US than people over the world must made thinking
and evaluating events  by
plan of US - but than evedintly not self.

There is some bad American feature - to be rough  at guests (that mean - strong,  so - good based) -
imagine that some people behaves so in your home - what you will do?
Do not want to consider equelly other people's interstes. Not democracy principle proceed where it is need.

Full lie about help to their girl soldier...Impresses.

Bad direction.

У местных телевошек правда, сейчас специально созданное для них 
"боевое безумие" - по желанию участвовать в политике,
хотя те кто надо этим пользуются и постепенно подсовывают им все большее дерьмо... - Подписывая их под свинство,  "в связи с их важностью". Разгорячая их все больше на этом, добром пути.

всем ьтам бажт прикидываться "стлбоыми дворянками" ["дворняжками" реально, - по факту их "применения".]

Т.е. им предалгают деятельность -"рубить мясо", 
при этом они не замечают что становятся деталями "мясорубки",
и поддерживают именно то что было надо, главную вещь - "мясорубку",
в которой они только детали.
Они делают что надо системе, а они в ней чисто винтики, и не понимают этого.

"One man's trash - another man's treasure". 

(Поэтому и "телевошки").

Боюсь на западе несколько наподобие, но благо не настолько круто безумно.