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  "Все" продолжают хотеть выиграть за чужой счет.

People are proposed with following choice: form specs:
agree with specs methods and be happy,
or make harm to self, or specs will make it for others.

Does not 
good terrorists ?

It is not any fair or civilized considerations, but by wild people made.

Why red?
they brake any human regulations, and often biological ones at people.
So they are Specs.
As from old Germany.

That's why I sometimes write here-
do not trust self much, who is gamer.


Had tomorrow seen a film, X-files.
They "reported" ... that 's how:

There are special groups of usual people 
made  and controlled by specs, trained for doing "any bad action",
they did hundred of this, so they 
adopted to it,
any doubts removed from them, and kept so for such purposes - to act on other people -
so, they are only tools, made as trash considering.
They make me bad things also, at specs desire if actions. (specs- not selves does asts).
I think about them as - do not see do not remember- do not bother,
due to consideration of them at 100+ ones- is only specially planned disturb.

They will do anything dangerous for specs ask.

Film demonstrated that one of the next deceives of that tools people, not as a tools.

They think they serve Moscow people, more high positioned then they, so making sheet
to worth of country.

Showing them as considering something considered as bothering (harming) action,
specs learned to even so,
so film considered as a trash or bother, adding additional dynamics to shit.
[Bad thing].

There is some bad circle:
When I bother I do not write, about it often to make specs provided with 
generated info when they want, or due to not results from public people.
(but some hidden material for check exist ).

They invent many conscious words to make more impressive to harm on
(They gather all for god's asks and worths , for people fair worth,, ... than laugh and make sheet.)
 But is was checked 100+ ones,
so to demo it as each consideration worth case- is full and planned by specs deceive for public 
and harm for some others as it really can be.

So demonstration of them better can be as a regular sheet making, not any considerations.
I immediate consider this so and film as a trash due to this is misinformation and disturb only.

They are not (already) in error or fun, they are tools and used as intended.
Show this to be correct.

Really film is considered thus as a tool only by specs,
this is very attractive for them.
Even for such a purpose as to disturb or misinform some other people.

In too smaller degree it can be seen at your actors.


Dear (can be) film makers ,
take into attention :
even sometimes true shown, it is very often specially not actual,
most information supplied to you as interesting cases,
are really very local - trash kind of interest,
your facet repetition of 20 + time in other facets.
for making just dynamic waving you (in bottle), thinking that you informed actually - but you just is used for almost nothing,  - except for fact of your take part. 

Do not trust to actuality to this information or to correct interpret,
or sometimes for its true, or
by fully of unneeded kind.
They can be also very wrong in important places especially when  it unfortunately,
like wrongly treating many things or in really important cases.

Specs of other countries than US:
I was searching for motives of your following to US specs,
and found  following:
you proud to be deceiving all people, as well as your gov. ... it can be  attractive,
still and covered by group and US, so no looking dangerous, if with no exceptions will be against people.
But it is crime, not fair, it is renegade to your country and people.

Do not make assign as US specs do - your interesting and people and law ones.
They adopted to neglect people that they feed, and neglect all considerations, being arrogant.
You keep real sheet.