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  Best HD system

(likes you ?)
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About fastest and need of such HD system in common:

I think following (about proposed system of questions):
model of use of 10K drive is other than usual -
7200 is used for store massive information and speed for it is sufficient,
but for really working applications , and OS and GAME loading, 70GB is sufficient,
when the speed of loading often is critical of everyday suitability and pleasance of work
- the real benefit, it is really attractive,
of using.

Questions dos not reflect the that some new model, how I think.

Two drivers is better to use - 10K very fast but not big, and big 7200.
The smaller cost of 7200- the better - the data can be placed -reasonably.

The insurance in HD - is their main thins among others PC components,
so everyone must be happy to pay some more for that most critical parameter.

Raptors carry a five-year warranty.

Size of HD:

Usually computer enthusiast fills 120 GB disk, for first year of use.
Needs films, mp3, games on disk, due to CD in not reliable and cab be damaged very easily.
Than files exchanged in time due to some are old and some unneeded,
some space stock is better than need .
-or you can have serious working archive .
So having about 200 Gb is not a bad for PC enthusiast.

Like it is said : 512 MB of DDR became current standard of memory size.

Reliability system to get into question:

Most reliable today CD : TDK  "THEORY" cost 5 euro per 1 disk.
Usual CD - is not as reliable as HDD.
Are ready to loose your data on CD with time?

HD sometimes crashed, have you any repair system ?
Does it good to have it on loaded CD or floppy ?
How good to backup important information ?
I preffer - two HDD drivers.

Newest Raptor

(second edition)
1.5 times (very much)
faster that described edition.

And 74 Gb one available,
but 34 Gb is about optimal capacity?
According to posts and setting 2 times stock for their optimism
on games size - and it will be fit.

But it is really pleasant to see OS and games fast loaded. much.
("it is worth")

"Quality -Visible" here. (for price)

High cost of Raptor: are in real need ?

People usual opinions:
"My raptor was worth the price to me. There is a very noticeable speed difference."
"It is worth every penny spend for it".

But they love their devices, due to already own, so you can decide independently how to spend money.

Yet appeared one more speedy
Seagate drive of 100 GB per plate !
(200Gb total).

With the one of fastest bootup speed - about 400 points of best 550, (Raptor new)
with usually - 250, this drive most low noise and reliable,
with low temperature,
- looks like absolute champion among usual 7200 K drives.

WD as previous leader of speed for name DriveZilla of their JB series HD - 350-400 points,
it was previously fastest HD and in that line today, but some noisy.

New Seagate 160 Gb appeared,
with 80 GB on plate with like that characteristics, smaller bit but cheaper.

I think Bootup score is most showing real speed - how most users feel it 
-how fast you load programs, what users if know dislake - to wait load big rpograms, like games, or OS, or office, than HDD not needs to work usualy.
Good source.
All others points that visible for user in work are in direct proportion with that point.

Best for theses who can buy only 1 HD.

With command CASH! - Increasing  speed much in bottleneck.
and greater surface speed!

But the more density of surface - not as a must the more additional speed,
but often happens as 15%.
It probably will happen with Seagate.

But it is really pleasant to see OS and games fast loaded. much.
("it is worth")

"Quality -Visible" here. (for price),1822,00.html

For theses who need unreasonable big speed of capacity,
or 1 HD.

For elses solution of new Raptor + low cost big capacity drive is better.

RAID fanats:
Linear speed may be twice, but speed of seek is remains the same - so very important characteristic is not increases if
not slightly decreases due to need of synchronization.
Need to check this.

So speed up may be not twice.

also at high speed of HD need to consider that other part
of PC became bottle neck -
at OS load- delay of initializing of PCI components became big.

But at game load no such stop exist.

normal solutions -
SATA CASH command controllers are very good.
For solution of not optimizing seek time - they define
optimal seek path over HD commands, removing bottleneck
like it does SCSI adaptors.

It is real overclocking.

Interesting for RAID people:
Do you fill satisfied with buy of 2 drivers,
of so not a small cost? -

try to be objective - not self deceiving - like it very often does with owned things.
(universally known feature for gamers)

does most load operations still slower than human reaction ?
In comparison to 1 raptor ?