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   Whant to head ?

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A problem:
Many people were torn behind capacity of processors, any more not understanding, what for it is necessary also what price - i.e. overlooking for example, that increasing cooling of the processor by the powerful fan, they do impossible a life of the nearest familiar listening to your computer. It concerns not only fans, the others automatically appeared in this wave and frequently listen to rather appreciable noise which that your processor which brakes even is located in your own head. And general productivity of system very strongly decreases, contrary to the initial purpose.

Good tradition became - neglect such collection in some forums.
Who such - do not read.

I.e. a worthy noise isolation - rather important and actual problem.

Many hold the new computer in a sofa, and and work.
There were many messages about sounds of the helicopter or the flying up plane or at least a tractor at work with some "effective" fans, or it is simply difficult to work, though have got used, the person bad adapts for much, and considers that and it is necessary - time itself has bought, deceiving itself, - there is such "program" feature at people.

Have much thought up concerning good, and repeat much, therefore I have decided to write down.

- It should be desirable complex, i.e. comprehensively to eliminate a sound.
Experience is shown that with temperature of the processor, seldom it happens very big, i.e. is not noticeably critical factor, and on it it is possible even to save in every possible way for the benefit of more important - comfortable conditions i.e. - to absence of noise.

That comes to the first mind - to reduce noise at his source, - and it is correct.
Having taken into account that concerning the price of a computer, use of his capacity on the average on 2 % (remember it), and noise of 100 %, it is possible to dare to pay attention to comfort of work.
I.e. it is rather desirable to buy the qualitative fan.

How to estimate tables:
Choose Noise level which it is possible to consider comprehensible - if it below 20 DB,
esle it will not be audible any more in the case in general less.
I also choose such level. To work it is necessary.
I.e. there is less than sense big has no, at possible losses in productivity,
Though if that does not influence the less noise the better.
Further look at productivity of the fan at such noise depend from teploproizvodstva your processor if the dear processor, it is necessary to buy and the cooler, Is more dear
I think that will suffice 30 CFM on all reasonable cases of a life. It zalman.
Further it is necessary to take into account any factors: the open radiator - warm air is easily blown off - well.
Super the counterbalanced fan, at rotation does not make a thunder - check up, though it can be appreciable plus.
Optimization under nizkoskorostnoj a mode - is far from being all high-speed which for this purpose and are designed, well work at low revolutions - more likely on the contrary.

That there is as why so, in coolers (understanding).

Further separate best advice, and their discussion are given from the point of view of physics, 
Examples of oustanding coolers, with discussion of principles of a design, the reasons of such estimation, with references to especially interesting results are given outside of the order of advice, therefore it is possible to read them after all advice and their discussions, or to read a little bit separately. 

" The organization of data "
If the paragraph does not have heading that it is meant:
" Attributes of good coolers " (why these of a cooler good and as it turns out), 
Or " why it is bad, and not just tests " (how to understand why it is a poppycock), 
Or " it is connected to cooling in connection with integrated approach of a problem ":

First attributes kachestvennosti a cooler:
The very first attribute - adjustability depending on temperature of the processor and a copper sole. With these things you somehow effectively in general presume suit to yourselves a reasonable choice by way of noise, or you will listen to noise even on the cold processor.


From cheap:

Titan-D9TB Cu35
for Athlon XP 3200+

Distinctive feature: 35 mm in height the fan, 
- With sloping blades (!). Probably more effective of for the special form. 
The fans optimized for low speed have usually such structure of blades.

Prorezi in the bottom of the basis usually allow more efektivno to eliminate an air fuse between plates.

I would pay attention to the form of plates they are made in the form of an edge: is more from above-is more thin,
It on the one hand 
- Gives the best heat conductivity below - about prtsessora where it is critical, 
- Some inclination of a plane of contact with air that creates additional pressure and nelaminarnost-and thus increases factor of contact of the fan with air,  A little
-e smaller dynamic resistance to air above where it is important, plus above - at edges air is not broken about zakruglenie, there are not created pass fuses.
I.e. three fine pluss, but all together speaks about this reasonableness
Very inexpensive design.

Results of cooling 
- 2
Athlon XP 2400 + 
Up to 61 - at lasting many hours progreve it is not known as cooled case.

"Oustanding" - 40N in loading:
(the test of the reader for attention)
It is not trusted - at testra there was very much nizakaja a surrounding temperature 17N. While it is usual inside a computer - 30 N.
But all the same very abruptly.
" Wires and Zalman are more silent only ".

dT = + 23 degrees, on ~70 watt.
~ = 0.33 S/Vt - very quite good small termosoprotivlenie,
- At low noise (!!).

- This and aluminium, how many will show similar copper?!
As have measured here, if a cooler hardly smaller but copper results in general it is worse on practically identical speed.

Though example TermalRight speaks about successful primeneniii to copper in same such as a design. (though on weight their radiator - as passive - on effect of work.)

Optimization by the manufacturer:
" Super Silent Cooler ".
Fan detail
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 35 mm
Rated Speed: 2300 RPM
Max Air Flow: 31.98 CFM
Max Static Pressure: 2.81 mm-H2O
Noise Level: <26 dBA

There is it 9 $ (!)

Still Good: All copper and big.

As show supervision dynamic resistance to a stream of air the important thing in heat exchange.
Therefore that it to improve it is possible to incline for example a little bit fan in relation to a radiator so that the stream was a little sideways so that a radiator " blew through ", instead of would create an air fuse for stagnant hot air in the center of a radiator.
Here shock loading of air about a bottom (or nedohozhdenie a stream), and fast and uniform feedback on all area of a plate is important not. (it is slightly proportional to removal from the processor).

Especially it can be appreciable there where is not present central prorezi for clip-on earrings so air in the center has no place to leave. And in systems with prorez lja clip-on earrings the balance of filling of a radiator a channel is important in comparison with leaving of prorezi for clip-on earrings air.

Perhaps, in connection with this reason not all prosaws of a radiator - plohi.
That is badly that did them declaring that it increase the area of a radiator.
However if to saw through not so - after has spent on drink pressure can fall, or will cause a fuse with the help torozhenijana to a prosaw - and it is possible to worsen results, whence a conclusion that many things if not it is necessary to do the majority intelligently.
If to saw, it is better there where klipsa if there all is closed up then the central air fuse is removed, and the stream of air is better distributed on all dlinne plates, including the center - ktoryj is a little more important for effective cooling. 

The question of a cooler with cooling on 25N is now actual at 20DB noise i.e. silent, .i also inexpensive at full efficiency. (Almost is above).
Except for expensive Zalmana and Thermalright certainly.
It would not be desirable to pay twice or three times more for almost similar result.
But copper for some reason focus on proizvoitelnost than silence.
Copper with a stock in the best party is, aluminium very good - but slightly up to an ideal not dobirajut. Something optimum in usual (since inexpensive) is necessary to a design. 

Inexpensive: (15 $ for copper)

Evercool CUD-725B
Athlon XP 2500 + (1833Mhz) on nucleus Barton, dispersed up to 2200Mhz (3200 +) at 1,8V 
- 59 C.

Efficiency-0,30. But on good speed 4500 about / c.

As it has been noticed:
The good silence happens at 2500 about / c and less.

Corrected at present:
That about 0,30 - that is good,
If it is not noisy.

I.e. to look it is necessary on the attitude efficiency/noise.

Igloo Diamond 4200.
" + + "

64 With for P4 3200-2500 revolutions -
It is completely not audible.
(terribly good schedule)

Curve plates create the greater friction as twist air that is the big contact to it, but the size of effect should be checked.

The variable height of plates creates, section for distribution of air, i.e. air is structured on sektsijam instead of hits in an often comb, 
When it is possible nedoohlazhdenie separate sites owing to casual neravnomernostej distributions of a stream,
A little bit better tretsja not having braked yet about an often comb.

The good balance of a design is important.

Gold - does not give any effect all over again, but then pridohranjaet copper from creation of oxide, which at all so teploprovoden.

The given model aluminium is a pity that, but for its all processors probably suffices and costs cheaply 15 $.

For usual fans copper not so is critical, if it not about the basis where to allocate temperature it is necessary quickly and much - with the big density of pass of heat.

Coolers of series Igloo 4350 - the muck - is issued probably because of a plenty of stupid fans of measurement of speed.

It refers to a wrong combination to the purpose:
They suit the big processors on speed, but is disproportionate cheap,
Therefore they save on ears and brains of that who them uses.

For expensive processors it is necessary more likely good in the ergonomic attitude and a dear cooler.

And 4200 the minus of 13 % from a maximum is good and ergonomic for those to whom, it is more than that that can noticeably demand quite arranges (2600 Mhz).

97 - still interestingly about dependence of sounding of a cooler on a pressure on vertiljatore - in normal characteristics.

There it is specified that the vertical fan gives - 19 cfm, at 17 Db. (24/21)

And Zalman - combined - in all parties - 30cfm/20Aa.
(and all uses to destination). 

Choosing Fans for Quiet, High Airflow: A Scientific Approach.

" Thermalright SP-94 Heatpipe "
Well, but:
Refers to - 51 $.

This radiator for 80 and 92 mm of fans,
With thermal tubes for amplified, "active" heat removal from a temperature zone,
I.e. presumably it can be best of ventiljatrov such design.

Thermal soprotivlnie: 0.25 at low oborotoh 1300 about / c-very quite good result for this mode.

Though effective blowing off of a continuous design causes doubts at low speed.
(Heated up air - will not be deduced, and not so ohladitradiator as could).

Though practical results on cooling and low noise - very much and very good - up to 15 DB, at good cooling (dT = 24N).

Technically similar design is more optimum,
For big produva
As the distance between edges is insignificant (the closed design),
And friction for passage of air is great, so it can simply not reach a bottom of a radiator,
ilil slowly enough to leave a radiator in comparison with a mode of optimum speed of heat exchange.

For the benefit of it following, Testify

On the other hand to me informed that has spent on drink the bottom part of a cooler it can be useful,
Or that the cooler sideways helps on 10 degrees (!), as despite of noticeably big air pressure,
Dynamics of a stream is those that heated up air has not time to leave from a radiator effect of his congestion in the central part - if precisely enough slow movement in comparison with heat exchange there.
Has spent on drink substrates of a radiator can help with it.

Good cooler: 
Nexus PHT-3600 P4 Quiet CPU Fan with SkiveTek technology

Attributes of good coolers: 
Second attributes his big horizontal size. Allows to put the big fan which works with smaller revolutions, therefore rustles much less, but air passes not less in such mode, than the average fast fan.
Edges should be thin and doolno often for the best heat exchange.
Wide blades of the fan - it is very quite good.
A little bit better if edges will be copper though measurements show what exactly for edges it not so important, but for "serious" people all the same it is desirable. (or fans not so will estimate you.) For a way offered here - it is desirable.
That is why it is important:
The processor normally cooled frequently is below temperature
Developments of a resource for reasonable time, the big superfluous stock, and it it will be possible to use having completely a copper radiator.
The idea will be that it is possible to allow to be heated up to metal of a radiator,
If not so thus the temperature of the processor will increase, that is to make distribution of temperature from distance from the processor more smooth,
Though and on higher mark, within limits (where we have a stock).
To do it it is desirable, if you want to be able opportunity comfortably to work for example at night when sounds of a computer are not muffled with street, or absolutely without handicapes from a computer - in the afternoon.
(the Technique of comparison: I compare with noise of work of neon lamps and konditsonerov at office - it should be appreciable more silently).

As it happens:
(not so good cooler) 
Thermaltake Volcano 9 Heatsink / Smart Fan 2
On not strong projessore:
AMD Athlon XP 1800 + (1533 MHz).

Though AMD all while have nearby left on allocated capacity.

1300 revolutions-17 db. O=53N - it is quite comprehensible.
Record of silence.

22 $ for aluminium and simply expanded vozhmozhnosti adjustments
(any shumo or it is warm reducing technology, under tests the most inefficient)-iiiaiaaoi will be.

Sensor control despite of it it is very bad otkalibrovan,
And where do not stick - to the processor - adjusts it is disproportionate crookedly, or it is unreasonable - does not adjust according to temperature of the processor. 

What does it show?

Probably clause where it is described as " it is recommended edition to purchase " - custom-made.
Dependence of temperature in loading from speed of rotation.

The form of a curve  Is interesting
From 5000 up to 3500 temperature does not vary.

Further very much near to linear dependence.

Very effective design with thick medym a core going vertically from the processor, and further rasseivjushchaja it is warm on lateral aluminium branches.
This design has applied Intel in a cooler to last processors.
They have applied wide and consequently the blades inclined almost up to a horizontal on the fan - that well affects productivity probably in all modes.
But they do not use lateral streams, an opportunity of use big i.e. slowed down ventiljatrov.

Therefore design Zalman all the same is better.

If intel has made curve edges, for improvement soprokosnovenija them with air, and the best hashing, it means noticeably influencing size on characteristics of coolers.

In general on set of supervision it is possible to conclude, that all thin details of dynamics of heat conductivity and aero-cooling, in modern kulerah.-influence significally characteristics of cooling of the processor,
Especially in places of transitions eiiiaiaio:.
For example:
It can be for example a superfluous layer of aluminium instead of copper between the processor Intel and edges.
Intel - began to cover a nucleus of the processor with a copper plate, therefore the some people spoke that it is not necessary to insert more copper substrate into coolers.
Partly can be and so, but intel while does a copper substrate at the coolers.

For processors AMD the copper substrate is extremely desirable. 

That to buy:

Titan-D9TB Cu35 (10 $),
" Igloo Diamond 4200 " (15 $) - but it chityj aluminium that is bad,
Or Igloo Silent Briese,
Or Zalman (7000-Cu), for 40 $ it is very good, or AlCu for 35 $ (up to 2800 Mgts).

Firm Zalman specially lets out the equipment intended for reduction of noise,
And it frequently is possible to it.

Zalman 7000 - is conventional the best fan - (" the absolute champion ":)
Practically the most effective (among comprehensible),
And the most silent. (among all)
It is considered, among tried and testing in magazines, that it rather costs the money - 40 $.
Also there are noticeably more expensively systems, more labour-consuming in installation and use (water and thermal tubes).

The open design is good that that in itself well disseminates heat of a plate in the closed cover, even metal are engaged in an exchange of heat among themselves, instead of with external space,
As in an open case,
Plus not minimal distance (at the same area of a surface of dispersion of heat) between plates create smaller resistance to air streams that is important at small speeds.

Here pertinently to notice about the processor - which really all time it is necessary what to buy:
It is not necessary to buy especially powerful, except for as for the specialized appendices such as manufacture of video, or fans of games.
What for to you to listen to noise of single work which at them is raised?
AMD the processor 1700 mgts series B, makes is poorly warm, and there is in 2 times more cheaply than the same processor of firm Intel. (thus you pay for izvetsnuju the trade mark and the big advertising company enclosed in a trade mark of the company Intel. And such people the majority. Other distinctions are not present, - in real appendices).
This processor at desire can be used then as with 2400 mgts a rating if you want to give children pofanatstvovat on "dispersal", with the some, but not the big risk.

For last games now it is necessary 2500 GHz.

Successful dynamic toys for the greater computing capacity of system it has not been noticed, and I at all did not hear worthy assumptions. At me in this sense the stereotyped approach (nemarginalnyj) otnostitelno the best responses about games. 

Recently are planned pojavitja beautiful games with good requirements to the processor and a card. The typical requirement: the processor 2000 Mgts.

Historical data:
(Though after purchase of video of a card of generation AOE-8500, a bottleneck becomes the processor notice as strongly speed varies at transition to the fast processor to the majority of tests and as it is rather not so strong on a new card from absolutely expensive. However decently - in regular intervals i.e. adequately and pleasantly displaying a landscape, the picture starts to look with razresheni 1024o. So if want to look well at modern games, choose corresponding set of the equipment. Me ATI 8500 and AMD 1600 - does not suffice).
Now the recommended balance between all factors considers: the processor of 2600 GHz, (AMD 100 $, further there is a bend - 170 $ for 2800 GHz.)
The recommended cost of the processor for purchase 130 $ - " purchase without advertising bends of the prices, enough modern processors ".
Videocard: a minimum 9500,
For others - serious players:
Good sites in the West do not recommend to buy a card another than ATI 9800 not PRO, and other expansions SE..., (also name an optimum choice between all factors), as or will noticeably lose in the long term for new games, or overpay absolutely neobosnovano - and all of them became expensive.
The recommended cost optimum videokraty for purchase was 100-130 $, now Earlier
150 $ - for quite sufficient "now" necessities for games,
260 $ - in view of prospect.
So the optimum choice as in processors - is not present, anyhow it is necessary to overpay.

Arguments to fans to argue on price policies: 
Intel uses such policy in the prices:
The gain of the first place in race of processors especially means nothing, for the same reason, if it occurs not for especially long term:
Already having the greater financial potential than the competitor, they stake on two things: on masirovannuju advertising,
That in result bought their processor without dependence from the price. And besides the policy "adhered" i.e. almost silovovyh vzamodejstvy with the main dealers and trade marks so him it is favourable podderzhivatsvjaz with one supplier refusing from a choice, as though having fallen in a potential hole of price discounts is popular thus.
Or it is directly expressed in a skew, in this situation - benefit, to the owner double force privyzannosti is more than discount to the dealer provided that it will support higher total prices, double to it, plus the competitor does not rise and provides a competition. That certainly to all in result harmful.
So in result one leading company receives the main market share irrespective of the price and parities price / quality.
And as a result you overpay for " the known trade mark " which is better nothing, in spite of what - on any reasonable arguments. Though Intel not so zlosten in this question as Nvidia.
It is difficult for competitor to compete as to it difficultly to rise all over again up to such level of advertising and sales as an opportunity to make.
A little bit exclusive policy.

Further I think optimum to choose the processor with the balanced parity of a thermal emission, the price and speed, and speed not on the first place as for last models of firm take money from advertising reasons and for novelty, and obviously do not cost zaprashivaemomgo quantities.

Istricheskie data:
About " technically different processors ":
By the way SANDRA, not last test - also shows a rating on productivity: 
AOP 1600 = P4_2000. (one year ago, and processors of such names and now)
About speed:
Hint at that that especially Atlon is fast on usual - not SSE appendices,
What majority - unless it is bad?
And on SSE almost as on a rating.
It is those there is a force of advertising that equalizes speed of different processors, or accelerates for eyes of the user - not best.
But, so was earlier, therefore I have decided to not erase,
Now Intel since then was not bad tightened, - but only for the senior models with a cache 512 kb and a rating it is more than (=>) than 2.8 GHz, according to the same naia?a-2003, and these processors on the average, taken on all to tests, are identical.

Or you can get the mobile processor, more dearly, seldom but to not make heat - (to not spend energy). This decision - for solid people to which 100 $ superfluous for comfortable work it is not a pity. (But fanatet will be any more above what. It is necessary to work.)
(Desctop replace model. Take an interest all the same in a relative mode of a thermal emission of this processor, there are different models. And his compatibility with modern sets of microcircuits of parent payments.)

Necessarily put the specialized program for cooling - she will not allow the processor to allocate the majority of heat in a single mode.
CPUIdle or CPUCool. Reduce temperature on 10 degrees or in 2.5 times otnostitelno differences with room in a single mode. In the worker - notices loading and speed is disconnected also is not lost. Very useful thing. 
Or there are other free-of-charge good programs. (Protsesor it is designed for fluctuations of temperature and will not suffer, if it is not done specially and many months.)
For the given way - installations of adequate balance of temperature and regulation of noise, - rather desirable program.

As a rule, having put such good cooler you receive the big stock on temeperature in view of that that the processor should work 5 years, and it turns out 15.
(it is real, speak - never will break)
Therefore further the most important advice is to insert the variable resistor face value 80 ohm into a circuit of the fan, to have an opportunity to reduce revolutions of the fan in 2 times. Into complete set Zalman such enters.

The processor for example Intel, starts to be in a zone peregreva with 70N, and is switched off on 110N, being is alive,
Therefore the operating conditions during long full loading is supposed in offered system - 60-63N, and in single 40N. Adjust the payment on 65N temperature, preventions and 70N deenergizings.
If you for the period of games, will tighten up a regulator of the fan problems in general it will not be close. And the rest of the time will be silence and a cold.

If presume to itself Zalman in a configuration on having blown (7000) is simply optimum variant for all system, (Would be)
But good only for especially active system as appeared, vyskooborotnoj which just is not necessary for us:
As warm air is thrown out at once from the case, but costs hardly more dearly. (it is Bad if more than 50 $ - then it for fans, - since usual will suffice, or it is better to think - of a waterway.)
(the distance up to the removed branches of a radiator if it copper, it is almost imperceptible)
(the Example of good technology, for fans, details:
Speak that, installation of a stream on having blown from the fan, is less effective than a forcing, it is possible to understand it delivery of air almost to destination of a cold to a plate of a sole of a radiator, and on the big speed for maintenance of good contact of air and plates - "directly" (though more often to speculate it is not necessary on this concept), is favourable, also the vortical condition of air for the best heat transfer from him here is provided, and blown fans as a rule have such feature that it blows all from the nearest cracks, and at all from the basis, - however not the direct effect here is applied - air passes only from below between densely located plates, that not bad eliminates a usual inefficiency of remoteness of a place of cooling from a stream of air, plus air pressure in it is used more optimum than usually - the centrifugal streams usually appreciable, here are not lost as usually, and are used quite to destination - blow in same plates, But hardly above on height than a place of an input of air, it is shown especially effectively, that it is done by wide blades on the ends. So in the top part of a radiator it is formed air bank which and at the level cools - pushes aside a cold stream again on walls, but the main thing increases used air pressure, reducing diameter of a cold stream so his speed in especially necessary place - below increases to what coolers aspire. And thus each part of energy of an air stream (from the fan) and his colds is used practically optimum for process of cooling. Plus certainly - in such system it is easy to throw out heated up air at once from a computer, having reduced the general temperature. In view of good efficiency of the decision even only for the processor, it similar on usual CNPS6000-Cu, it is possible to reduce speed of rotation - and to receive benefit in reduction of noise.)
The problem in such decision - at low revolutions moving of air has diffuzionnyj or in sonovnom mixing around of a place of rotation character (that in other cases only and it is done, but is active also it suffices.), instead of potokovyj, therefore a conclusion of air for limits of the case in general nizkoeffektiven at such revolutions, as it has been shown in tests for a cooler 5100. In vyvodnom an air line it is difficult to do without the additional fan, besides it is more warm, already rather big in comparison with the processor in such mode, the hard disk and a videocard, therefore the scheme of a vozduho-channel through all computer start to allocate is represented more adekvtnoj than only through the processor block - the general temperature in the case can raise simply noticeably because of them isolated from vozduho-streams, without the reasonable purposes, that it is not necessary to us - necessary to protect a hard disk.

Non-uniform noise can excite you - but the processor, as against a videocard, together with a massive cooler inertial in this respect the thing, therefore loudness really increases during serious inclusion energopotrebljashchego appendices, such as dynamic games, thus smoothly enough and adequately to the appendix, instead of his stages. 

Two nizkoobrotnyh are more silent than a cooler than one vysokooborotnyj at identical productivity. 

Installation of a cooler:
If a sole of a radiator not mirror, it is possible to grind is will give on two-three degrees of less temperature of the processor. Paste it is possible klat practically anyone - from those that on sale all good but so that it has turned out a thin layer.

It is considered that all good pastes are identical, 
(" plasticity also is important as heat conductivity, for the best contact of surfaces, and stability in time especially ")
But here have invented one new,
As at small thickness 25 microns if to compare to a radiator of 1 sm, (effectively a substrate plus a rarefied radiator.)-
That pluchaetsja a parity of 400 times.
I.e. at identical heat conductivity temperature drop on paste makes 1/400 part,
And at smaller in 4 times, all the same one hundred times. I.e. at falling T in 20 degrees it will be 20/100 = 0.2,
However, here inform that was possible vytsepit pribaku in 5 degrees on new paste, in comparison with good.
If it not special "duck", it means that losses on paste made 5-10 degrees that is caused by unknown factors which it is necessary to look. Authors to look have not worked.
To check up concerning result - have worked, and have confirmed the big resulting superiority dannnoj pastes.

Now with you have remained to rustle much more loudly fans of the case,
It is necessary them podravnjat on loudness to the fan of the processor, having soldered in variable resistors face value 100 Ohm and to brake them thus.
Cut also lattices above us in the case as they detain air, and put cheap wire (or do not put if be afraid for whom from children beside).
Good mode of an air pipe:
The fan in BP - on having blown.
Under it - on having blown.
(air passes on a circle without a delay, 
As it happens by simple forcings in the case from different directions.
Plus directly cold air moves to area of the processor and the winchester simultaneously.
As seen result - after loading the processor is cooled in 2-3 times faster.).
Plus one more of 92 mm the delayed fan it is necessary to hang up making up air to a hard disk because the data on it frequently valuable, or often visits to workshop do not arrange you.

Additional fans in the case are superfluous holes in it through which noise perfectly leaves, and it is not necessary to those who at all dispersal is engaged.

It would be especially good to put a tube from fresh air directly to processor ventljatoru, yes here temperature of the processor not the critical factor as it has been described, it is necessary to cool the winchester in the first. Therefore the fan under BP, can drive air to the case simply freely. The effect of a pipe for air in a critical place is kept. (Without air a proside).

You have braked all of them, but is all the same a little bit audible.
And the understanding of appetite (prijatnosti result) comes during such meal (here this experimental). Though on the other hand we not fans.
I.e. further you should soundproof the case:
It is necessary to know that the sound will consist of two components - low frequencies, and high, (and certainly any average). Them it is necessary to block all.

How to block a way of a sound on the case and to it:
The processor fan should be planted on a soft lining, and to fix a wide elastic band.

Harmful advice:
To put on a skirt the big fan to direct all stream to a small radiator:
The jet stream hits about walls of a skirt, is reflected from them, mixs up and loses a direction and reactance-nei?inou-there is only some pressure, and ohlzhdenie then it is favourable when the stream hits about metal of a radiator, therefore better simply to direct a stream from a regional part of the big fan on your small radiator.

But have thought up the following:
Not only in the general air pressure happiness of the fan, and and in its orientation.
(It on mine - than still ploh Ay?i-7, at too all in the pure not directed pressure)
Times more at the fan of all speed of a stream means, it is possible to optimize her also so:
Usually centrifugal forces on dispersal of air have very quite good energy, and it is possible to use her as Zalman 7000, and possible sdelat tak that she did not harm in a usual design of fans - the matter is that the jet aside hits about a wall of the case of the fan, reflected, dissipates, mixing up with struje naprvlennoj downwards - and accordingly forces down her, reducing speed to avoid this effect have solved so - to cut horizontal strips in the case of the fan that it is often vozduha left in outside of, not creating an aggressive air pillow, and stayed created soft - forming only an air wall forming a stream so to give to a stream an optimum way - without dispersion to a radiator.

It is a little exaggerating about the same as close light from a bulb (it rasseivaemyj light) and light from a headlight with the same bulb (optimum directed).

The case oklevaetsja shumopogloshchajushchim (from him) a material, - it "takes away" a sound, (if did not isolate the fan of the processor from the case) - everywhere, except for a back wall, A little
Then soundproofing, this does not pass a sound from the case..
The size of the case is not less miditower. Otherwise it will be inconvenient to establish and check all, and bad cooling owing to narrowness - is provided.
For full integrated approach it is possible to paste over from within still with a sound absorber - for absorption of a sound inside the case, but it for fans.
Characteristics of materials give or sellers, or in the specialized repair trucks.
Good sound absorber (not isolator) - a complex thing, a sound from all it is good otraetsja.
Choose a combination of materials overlapping all sound range from 50 up to 5000 gts, it is the basic noise.

"Muffler": (for absolutely full integrated approach)
It is done as a nozzle on the case behind on the area of two fans,
With two holes in case of two directions vozduhotoka and one if both fans - on having blown.
Areas of holes are done of foam rubber as sound-proof material that it is more to swallow up this sound, just in a place of his passage.
Speak that helps a little, if you yet have braked all, in what case the sound will be already through the case raspostranjatsja. If have made the rest this thing can not be demanded.

Important - do not buy the Chinese case, - will not calm down, or still any problems receive, primitive Chinese hooks of fastening will not break. Buy, for example, Inwin with 300Ao a power unit and two fans.

If you noticeably warp a radiator so it will come off from protsesora and if your old payment is not designed for protection from peregreva (modern are protected, but it is necessary to press and check up on the button. Further all this will be at a hardware level, specify this question at a choice of a parent payment.)].
And in general be a little bit cautious, think that do, and not lejte water in a computer in an operating time.
The guarantee on components is better for keeping.

Really (!):
Appeared that 85 % of effect (the decision of a problem of noise) can be received with the help of 15 % of efforts - simply having braked all fans, having chosen the good case and components of cooling coolers, and simply good components - during usual purchase, having paid at all it is much more, and povybirav slightly, (for quite powerful computer).

(the Conclusion for heat limits of the case and the Hard disk - separately, and not so it is simple. The hard disk break seldom, but very much metko if at you is to that to spoil on it. It is partly treated by a reasonable choice of the good case. Better perebdit.)

Dependence of an operating time on failure of a hard disk, depending on temperature at it prverhnosti.

It is possible to try "to scratch" plates of a cooler to achieve their best contact to air.
(As it is necessary to scratch! - in cross-section to air a direction. But then it is necessary to take care of a filtration of a dust before a cooler or the case (always it is useful) which not bad is late such places, or its periodic removal. And if to scratch lengthways there is less than dust, and the effect hardly is less. De it is possible to tell more balanced decision.)
People sawed the radiators, through, that similarly on this case actually (printsipp the same, but all received casually), and reported about successes, (in any case, naturally. This fans). Some official designs suggest, that this idea is quite used in "highly effective" radiators.

Such effect is noticed here:
At corners of the fan the internal surface is oblique,
And when in it air hits, toon on a tangent leaves with the big speed,
And in the big volume,
Than in the middle of a side of a limiting framework - as there air is beaten perpendicularly,
As the framework is not oblique usually in this place.
I.e. if to cut out half of framework on the party of an output in the middle of a side, or to make an incision and incline, lines there are directly specified how to cut out better, the stream will increase noticeably as centrifugal energy is rather great in a stream.

I.e. and for his successful use it is necessary to have a radiator hardly more fan,
Or to put soplo - " slightly missing in the beginning ", that aerodinamicheski having collected in rovnomernuju (not hashed! And focused as in a headlight in what sense sopla) a jet of the maximal capacity to use all energy of air.
Sharp crises of a leading round line conduct to an inefficiency sopla, as a first approximation,
Further as in general and it is wrong raschitannaja the form if have applied further narrowing (i.e. where it is sharp or not in that place).

Also air should not beat about sharp sides of a framework limiting the fan, it gives noise in a plenty.

Better if ventljator, from good firm such as Bi-Sonic then the form of the blade too aerodinamicheski will be better, instead of from average such as EverCool.

If to put pylezaderzhivajushchuju a lattice (about 1 mm at a walk, or 0.5 but the size more that did not brake), and preliminary to wipe a radiator from a dust results too can increase noticeably at measurement, " about current of time " - in a week.

SHumopodavlenie sounds of the winchester:
It is possible to buy simply silent, such firm Seagate does, thus quite fast.
If you have bought especially fast or simply loud then it is possible to advise to make a box from zvukoizoljatora, to make her tsillindrichesoj for example, to put zvukoizoljator also from an end face tsillindra at the case but so that there was a backlash for pass of air and then precisely it is required to you 92ii the fan in hanging in the middle of the case (but too delayed), specially for cooling hard disks, all the same the data on it and nerves in case of problems with them it costs dearly.
Also it is possible utility IBM Feature Tool in some cases a little to lower noise of a disk, but due to small loss of speed of loading of appendices is no more than several percent.
For testers, observers and consequently manufacturers these some percent - a stumbling-block - and a subject of constant competition, but to you can and not be demanded.
I personally prefer all the same fast, but rather noisy winchester WD1200JB, for fast loading OS and some the big appendices, - a unique thing where speed vinchestra is appreciable.
Difference 20 sek, I simply frequently should use loading.

If the pressure on it is more 12 In, the next way frequently helps: it is necessary to solder in the diode in a wire of a feed, take an interest what of it is necessary vpajattak that the power failure has made a difference up to 11.9 In from yours.
That it was no big difference - buy the good case.
Or this pressure is reduced with the same program of cooling, just up to the necessary values, as a by-effect. (I and do).

Small deviation. In power units transformers which pay off on overheating on the average on 45-50 degrees are used. Heating appears because of losses on magnetic reversal of the core, losses on vortical currents, etc. The Temperature peregreva basically depends on type of conductors (aluminium, copper), presence of a backlash, and, the most important, appears strong dependence on weight. Here it is necessary to find a golden mean. If to reel up a weak braid, but to put a cooler, how speak formulas, heat exchange will increase in 3 times, and this power unit will work. Approximately so work No Name. At Inwin, etc. brands good power units which try to expect for overheating of 30 degrees are used, and but to put the weak fan (which almost does not rustle), but they but noticeably it is heavier than unknown persons.

Case ASUS ASCOT 6AR/300.
Speak: the Ideal - happens.

Cooling of a videocard:
Videocards are frequently done with a stock - " on dispersal ", but it is possible to use this stock to reduce speed of his fans that did not rustle in vain.
Plus specially to not cool this area of a computer, having preferred to it area of the processor and a hard disk as it has been described in the scheme of ventilation above.

Water coolers - cost dearly 100 $, are intended for powerful systems,
And in them all the same there are 92 mm the fan which works as well as with usual system. But here you can slow down even more it, reduce noise even more, but it seems to me, that while it for fans.
Though the thing quite good also can be useful in a case in point.

The effect pelte - is required an additional powerful feed and many problems, is impractical. Or to use a powerful element, or it will be useless or harmful. I.e. a powerful power unit and special management it is necessary. The fan - is all the same necessary.

Cnueee with the description of adventures of other comrades:

Systems of cooling
[http: // cooling]

Cooling of the system block and his components
[http: // category=2*id=1039219250]

Passive cooling of microprocessor Athlon XP
http: // category=2*id=1050919778

The device working - as vidomagnitofon-at all to not preventing work should turn out. The useful household device, instead of zapugivatel domestic and familiar.

New decisions have appeared:
Part from them only for indicative effect -
Technologies with absence of a dead air zone are deprived sense - materials so well in comparison about these carry out heat, that radiators do simply from aleminija for normal speeds, and copper for lowered - especially. See Zalman 7000.
The aerodynamic decision on the basis of the turbine for this purpose is is not seen has washed off too, except for originality - such well suck in air, provide the greater channel, - but no more jet jet that is especially important for cooling as the best contact of air (teploobmennyj) with a material of a radiator is reached.
Though for small speeds it also can seem important.

Technologies on a basis of very compact flat liquid pump, on a drive with a plate from a piezoelement (!) - it is rather perspective from for convenience and efficiency, and together with it of full silence.
Example of the good decision.
Question in the control of a liquid simple enough, on pleasure to fans of chemistry and electronics.
Them priumali for nout-beeches, but it seems to me that all components here are rather inexpensive and ldja a usual computer.

Heat-conducting tubes - the good thing for originals, for example as Zalman has applied them in system of cooling of winchesters there they at the same time represent simply good radiator,
But the decision is effective because of necessity to save space about the winchester - as warmly effectively separate only metal sides of the winchester.

Still from appreciable originalnostej:
And if them to set pieces two hundred thin on a plate the system with allocating capacity of 400 watt, it for abrupt turns out.

Problem of " last mile ":

The biggest typical problem remains in an effective conclusion of heat for limits of the case:
It is necessary that it was without big and long trubok - in absence of appreciable capacity pomp,
And so that simultaneously of this system some systems inside a computer - the winchester the most critical of them could take advantage. Thus holes in the case should be only behind, and about the winchester - are not present.
Or it is necessary to be reconciled with nervous hum of fans of the case.

So it will seems to me what soon therefore reasonably to put on having blown / having blown not 80 mm fans, and slowed down 120 with a skirt, and optimized for slow speed - wide, and so that channel of air through all systems-remains essentially important part of system of cooling, as many minor details already allocate a lot of heat potentially to damage important. And under such fan and to put a radiator from the set forth above systems (or outside to prophesy under him for the greater efficiency).

Warm air from the processor can be deduced immediately from the case,
Using horizontal having blown a radiator:

nadev an air line on the target party of a cooler, and other party of an air line,
On an aperture in the case,
klnechno it is necessary that it was long an air line not big, and diameter on the contrary - is more, for reduction of friction of air about walls - faster conclusion of air, without creation of an air fuse that is especially important at nizkooborotnyh modes.

For other components the same is quite good to deduce air at once from the case,
But it is fair if you have not found a way separately effectively to cool the winchester - all this for him.
I.e. differently you can not care of other components if can cool a hard disk separately actively.

Or cooling on border a computer-room can seem effective - even such as effect pelte when his own heat will remain in a room and a power unit - too outside of direct dependence on a computer - unless on inclusion of a feed.
T.e only his cold part is entered in a computer and a cold from him dissipates a radiator and the fan. (More truly it is heated up by a heat computer a component).
On pelte then it is necessary two radiators,
And as speed big is not necessary, also noise the same.
It is possible to put it so that one party with a radiator was before blowing ventiljatorm,
Another under blowing. It is necessary to arrange only all correctly.

If summer hot, and you have slowed down fans very effective way of cooling is simply to slightly open one wall komjutera,
Noise it will be added not choen much if you were not engaged in extreme measures, and the advantage in such conditions can just be very appreciable for disk system first of all.

Cooling of a disk:
" As to cooling the winchester if in a computer there is a cooler on sistemnike, it would be possible to transfer the screw somewhere there. And all... Only it is necessary to put krepezhi...
Or to put on a floor of the case, utolshchit a plate of a bottom, and actually that as a radiator of the screw the case acted... To what complexity? " (this that is simple and effective that is necessary). An initial variant such.
This sensible offer, question in isolation of noise of the winchester.
The main thing to put all on termoprovodjashchuju, but soundproofing lining.
For example a layer eio-8 between aluminium plastinkami.
Usually it suspend that did not concern metal parts of the case that noise has not passed.
So better simply to put in front of the blowing fan,
Accordingly having arranged all.

Thermal tubes

Thermal tubes became very powerful and quite good, thus it is not required complex mechanical details and engines,
Only tubes and radiators,
The only thing that it is necessary to be afraid for formation gas probok-when gas should evaporate downwards, i.e. it is necessary to track that tubes went upwards, and evaporate a liquid could upwards. For the amateur purposes it is better, if they not metal, for freedom of maneuver by components in the case.
Tightness - the important thing, but here is not present dvuzhushchihsja details, therefore it is possible to make reliably.
Some their pieces possess the big heat-removing capacity - 180 Vt, therefore such decision can be and it is not expensive, - a question in radiators and fastening trubok, obviously it is better if the radiator is deduced for limits of the case then if it enough big cooling can be outside passive.
From within, on another strone a thermal tube, too it is possible to put a radiator more with the fan for otema heat,
Or to attach it to a disk, and to deduce other end on the external party of a computer, having drilled a hole for a tube upward.
The thermal tube cannot heat up above 30 degrees tselsija so the liquid will evaporate there if at it such temperatupa evaporations while all will not evaporate and if capacity trubok sufficient also all never will evaporate as to this tube too will be not higher than 30 degrees - but in view of heat conductivity. I.e. direct good thermal contact is necessary.

The area of plates of a radiator the most important (at present):

Tests for known sites, are done for for high-efficiency processors (well for fans fanatet and to spend money, with a repeated stock as it refers to - " to be measured among themselves by quantity of parrots " on shodkah, and already without computers, - that really and occurs, naturally. For what fans of such sports can and pay on 500 $ and then it will be proved. You have received more last hyphen, " for our researches ". Or it happens - to me " enough 99 long loafs, instead of 100 whether to guzzle that? ", then can pay 150 $.):
However it is a lot of radiators on thermal tubes under tests have been recognized inefficient, except for shown " 51 $ " which on the contrary - effective,
Therefore above to be more cautious with such fans " in general " as it seems to me with them takes place be a case " anyone good vesh it is possible to spoil at desire ", and these tubes especially easily since demand it is especially good the system of application thought over for them and a design of a radiator:
In one father-in-law the temperature of a substrate reached 70 With, thus that seriously tubes become effective when the effect of restriction teperatury is used at boiling a liquid inside them - then the temperature on the thermal end cannot exceed temperature of boiling for example 45 With, here as I have understood water is used inside practically - which too can evaporate up to 100 With but the sense in it is not present, except for as in a copper material of a tube. Though certainly easier the evaporated liquid, but only with hardly the big effect in a mode nekipenija than simple copper but capacity trubok then rather small, actually, is used, that leads to to that that not clear what for they are necessary, used thus - in an inefficient mode of evaporation.
In termalright 94 tubes were used probably for proportsinalnogo amplifications of general already strong design of the big copper radiator, for achievement of the best uniformity of distribution of temperature, - the best use of half-kg of copper. They compensated here uselessness of copper in plates as on far distance from a source of heat it was unimportant that cools aluminium or copper. 
This justified application trubok. All components work proportionally to their cost and purpose supplementing each other in weak places.
I.e. copper is really important at teploistochnika, and further the area if a design classical, without trubok. I.e. 10 % of a prize copper give (T_change/T_processor-T_ambient (68-63) / (68-28)) in tests of one radiator from ?aciux materials - Zalman 7000. At a difference weight and cost in 2 times.
Though for abrupt processors it is possible to consider so - nakolko the temperature is far up to 70 degrees, in a range from 60N: [(70-68) - (70-63)] / (70-60) = 4/10 =40 %. In general practically and estimate, as 70 it is fatal temperature for productivity of the processor and stability of system (the computer will be switched off).
Contact to a material of the basic radiator in a place sema and feedbacks too not last business, or all heat remain inside trubok, but does not help, - if the area of plates not big.
Examples of curve designs:
It is not enough copper in the important place - a substrate, and not bent edges at a through design bad air contact. (the Factor of a level of aerocontact for heat exchange small - since is not present whirlwinds without impacts about walls or a bottom.)
The good stream is necessary for a horizontal design of plates, as a stream laminaren (it is uniform is here poorly), instead of diffusion, or an average stream so they for this mode appeared unadapted, in sense of direct downturn of temperature of the hottest processors.
Though for an average level - 2500 Mgts, can be comprehensible, but here nobody makes tests.

I.e. it is necessary to use tubes of sufficient capacity, or they will not transfer heat how many appears at the processor, thus on the basis of good effect of a heat-conducting path, or the advantage will not be much.

Here is how can abruptly be.
And if to do not of dear copper all block, but only active places?
Then it will be not so to be expensive for samples moguushchih standard.

Kompanni applied tubes in my opinion - with standard kostruktsiej, by inertia - for application almost in the space industry (spechenyj metalichesky poroshchok) - with payment by the user of some expensive operations, - instead of that that is necessary to you on needs.
The patient
> 26 DB

Will leave

Normal <26 DB
10 $

<20 DB

15-25 $
30-45 $
T-94, water
> 50$
In empty cells - very much many coolers.

Normal who here is considered can correlate the productivity necessary to you, with a level of disappointment from noise, and sometimes agree that health more important.

(Or on the contrary, can consider that your leg costs some money, for trade, or still that it is better - to charge to argue on such cost of sale, to the comrade).

New tehnoligii:
Mikroforsunochnye pumps. 
source here.

Printsipp such:
Plate in a radiator should change, all surface,
That it is much better
vzaimodejtvovat with air for heat exchange.
And also to pass through itself, for creation of a small channel, A little
About even best interaction in connection with the greater penetration of air in materal i.e. it neotrazhaemostju.

Independently naturally nobody will make.

Refer to a little nepravdopodonye figures - 100 watt on 1 sm square.
In some tens times it is better than best of radiators (or even more).
Not clear as so so an external stream proizvroditsja with the help of the same means, air in area heat - prizvodstva, (instead of how at thermal trubok - all is withdrawn far, and inside a tube and without additional technical naprjagov), and efficiency of heat exchange as far as (quantitatively) a bottleneck much turns out??
In sense:

It turns out: capacity of a heat-conducting path of air at 10 gradusnom his heating:
N*?*V = 300 watt (a?/c.) a maximum, i.e. under the theory. 
But on all fan, and his area: 50-60 ni^2, for 70-80 mm of diameter.

Thermal capacity of air: With = 1005 dzh/kg on 1 degree,
Density of air: ?=1,3 kg on meter cubic,
The fan gives stream V = 20 cfm a cube. Foots a minute = 0.3^2/60 = 0.0015 i^3/cae.

Whether but really it is so much to realize?

And all in fact in a computer remains.

Heat exchange between air and a material, wrote to 3 times improves.
It is realistic as full efficiency will be not much more. 
All this is good, but costs how many?


"Compact" water blocks:
raditor on the processor,
Radiator behind a computer, two tubes and all.

All effect - in otstutstvii not obhodimosti to dig with a heap of stuff,
Type pomp and capacities.
Has put as the usual user a usual cooler and all works,
Also it is necessary to not complain more of problems as a hobby.

It is less than details - less cost.
Capacity - is quite sufficient: a little bit better than usual coolers,
(but without the big stock, and what for it is necessary? An example of "optimality".)
- Noise 22AA.

" Two tubes - two detalki, all is reliable, silent and effective ".
Fastens for 20 minutes, without any problems, any user. 
(Though here fans to do problems is. But we not such.)

Analogue of this system put even on videocards,
That testifies about her netjazhelovestnosti and adaptability to manufacture,
That is big pluss and elimination of lacks of usual water systems.

Gigabyte 3D Cooler PRO

- Here such thing have thought up.

Originally, looks sblansirovannoj a design.
Where it is necessary copper where it is necessary - TT, 4 pieces - it is quite good, to good volume of aluminium, on all volume of a radiator - the fan.

For good distribution of heat removal - narrow meto it seems to me.
Small contact poshchad - only four circles of a tube on a plate.
All heat on TT remains.

Under tests:
Suddenly it is not curve TT have applied?

Results "quite good" - as informed testers " the characteristic data " - just on low speed at him peak of efficiency.
60C/40C (work/idle) - it is usual for a good cooler, 

"Quite good" - means as at many others. And in fact here a new design with complex elements.

I personally here do not love the turbine - owing to nekorentnosti a sound stream.
kogerentnost is when efforts from each millimeter of a site of the blade are composed on a phase strengthening each other,

(as therefore strong - that energiju have given the highest wave to other eight it indirectly). Here - on a place of failure of air from the blade.

And here short blades (!) - long in almost pair milimetrov - or should spin strongly that a stream to create and then there will be a noise, or is weak - and then without everyone kogerentnosti - there is nothing to be composed, they will not create a stream - but will air a design - if they and without that good.

Though certainly it is necessary to check in figures as while the curve data have been given.
60 on one processor at loading, and 40 on the friend in idle time.

It would be desirable to see a good copper cooler of a classical design,
But not so dear,
" Big, copper, with the big fan ",
That sufficed for average processors, i.e. simultaneously and not road
And here that has found - but so: far and to not buy, or it is expensive:


Results $40

Thermaltake Volcano 12 ++


21 dBA at 2000 RPM
80x80x32 mm

As you can tell from this graph, the Thermaltake Volcano 12 performed better than the retail Barton 2500 + heatsink/fan combo at it's lowest speed setting (2200 RPM). 

The fan - is optimized for low speeds.

Abruptly, but it is a pity that so dearly.

It is arranged just as the Titan 9, 10$
But copper, for what costs in 4 times more dearly.

If at you not for 3Ghz the processor -
For such price,
It seems to me,
In it there is no proved necessity.

For the Price it is similar Zalman,
But at that a design it is better using energy vohduha at low speeds.

It is possible to compare with:
GlobalWin CAK4-88T crystal fan

Noise: 31.2? 2dBA at 2800 revolutions.
38? 15 % a stream.

There is an assumption that having reduced a stream up to 30,
It is possible to receive small noise,
As a design copper, big i.e. very effective on dimensional characters and on a material.

Cooler - not with sloping blades as it is accepted at last coolers, what not the most optimum for low speeds.
Classical design - the same, but
Without taking into account the best dynamics.

Skirt on a cooler usually harmful thing.

Still minuses:
"Do not buy".

The latest news:

Comrades namerjali that average fans have the greatest effect,
Up to a pressure of 7 volt (60 %), and is farther not so. 

Dependence of noise on speed of rotation,
Necessary and good addition to the previous schedule, for creation
Intelligent picture, (and fuller):
The truth I have transferred Ambient as an ambient temperature, in a computer,
That is a little bit senseless, or not clear what grajfik from three, in figure is higher, they meant. 
The schedule not clear is a pity that that (it is undescribed in more detail) shows.

Yate Loon D12BM-12 - which Yate Loon model of which predominantly in Fortron SOURCE power packs use finds, becomes in our forum already for a long time as if secrettap acted. Particularly the low approach tension of 2.66 V make interesting this exhaust for silent Freaks. Besides he works almost vibration-free and hardly offers background noises. The Motorkorpus 130 gram light exhaust is only 40.0 mm small. The processing satisfying and a Tachosignalkabel does not however only give it. Its number of revolutions is with roughly 2,350 U/min. At present only with as MR fan 12/2350 for EUR 11,90 available. 
At that that on sovke is sold bolshchoj diameter of the motor,
That causes absence of a hole of air pressure in the center of a cooler.
And if there will be no small obstacle local increase in pressure in this case to throw out vozuh back through the center,
While at e?aad it is sucked in
Since in the center at blades speed is less.

It mozhetbyt if you will put such fan in a cone, in connection with his big size, trying to connect about existing 80 mm an aperture in the case.
Harm will be - in any direction of statement, in a cone or from him. 

As it happens badly: (though it should is externally visible what to be good)
The cooler all copper, but is made on tehnoogii the soldering by his material worse than aluminium that has brought all advantages of appearance to nothing:

Titan CU9TB/SC

"Be not bought" - having bought such fan.

Though on sale there is such fan without such prokleenyh places,
Probably it is better.

Absolutely completed new design with thermal tubes,
Where it is taken into account that is told above.

Thermaltake - SilentTower CL-P0025

The design is obviously optimized to put on a hose an exhaust outlet and 
To blow warm air from the processor at once from the case, to not heat up air in it, and other important components.
It provides the target fan. Otherwise it is not necessary - for cooling the processor.
His arrangement is exact naprtiv an exhaust aperture of the case, assumes 
That such idea will arise even intuitively.

Fans 90o90 - means silently and with a good stream. And it is silent.
It is declared 21 Db.
Means - the Big area of plates. I.e. The good area of cooling,
Supply this time with the help 6 trubok instead of usual 4, that was obviously insufficiently for maintenance of the area of contact to plates is there was a bottleneck at the previous fans of such type. And certainly the big speed of tap from the basis.

So the record of the attitude " silence / efficiency of cooling of the processor + general effektivost coolings of a computer " is possible.

Last expression even Zalman did not suffer in not water design.

Holes in the case of fans, are done as a rule with the explanatory " for cooling the others a component of a computer, such as the southern bridge and video a payment ". I.e. eat somnenija that it serves business of efficiency of an extract or cooling of the processor - harms, if only here not rabotatet the factor of elimination nekorentnosti to a jet - premeshivanija at edges of the fan more likely, i.e. there there can be a fuse.
This question certainly is solved measurement of a stream and-or skrorosti currents of air of the fan.

The same type:
Cooler Master hyper 6 

Why it is a lot of the fans designated as "silent" are made of aluminium?

Aluminium or Copper? - for low speeds.

Copper in plates is important there where dynamics of heat conductivity should be raised according to activity of tap of air, i.e. in high-speed systems.

There where calculation is under construction on the area ohladenija and not so active oteme heat - 
Probably teploprovdnost plates does not play the leading part, in comparison with a measure of feedback of heat from plates i.e. not a bottleneck in plates, or it is possible to tell - unused practically - the temperature remains in regular intervals distributed on on plates and so.

It can probably cause.

Experiences show a difference only in 3 degrees at heating till 62-66, at all speeds though it was measured for Zalman, and at him all the speed long rather low. 

But the bottom of a radiator all the same is better from copper.

I find a way to raise efficiency of fans,
Worked month, in 2 and more times:
" To wipe a dust from blades ".

The dust completely presses a coordination of a jet and brakes her.
Therefore to put on setochku from a dust from above the fan - good idea.

Well very good results.

I have made a part of the simple manipulations described here:
Has put the big fans, has slowed down them, and has pasted over the case with sound insulation.

(problem parts: Atlon 1600, ATI 8500a 2 HD,
Sometimes I start Unreal 2003 on an hour, without podkruchivanija resistors).

My opinion:
For more powerful processors, buy Zalman 7000.
Others good - 
Either aluminium, or unfinished, or same expensive as Zalman, but pi it with lacks of a classical design - bad use of lateral streams at weak rotation, historically they were done for simple as it is possible powerful cooling, without taking into account noise.
Zalman is the completed and good design.

Then has found out that the winchester, on single rotation most of all sounds.
It is good, but
At night - all the same - gets, so it is necessary to switch off a computer.

At me disks not with zhidostnymi bearings, as at many modern disks,
At purchase - take an interest in it. Apparently, it can be important.

Therefore it is necessary it too zvukozolirovat,
Better it seems to me so:

I.e. as in figure below:
The big cube from zvukoizoljatora, with thin cross-section suspension brackets, they rasporki so that they did not block an air stream around of a disk.
Veniljator in one wall.
As a way out air it is better to use a double lateral wall that air left near to the fan - through a small labyrinth - a usual design of mufflers. 
Or it will be simply possible to make holes for a disk it probably small
Addition of noise.

The top picture - wrong because of small volume of air in volume at a disk that his moving brakes, and does not give an opportunity to put the fan at use of all of his area.

As it was found out, in experiences on sound insulation of a disk,
A lot of noise carries out the case. So all zvukogenerjashchie is better than a part from him to isolate linings.

Very much good stuff for convenient cutting and pasting for different designs inside the case tourist kovriki from penoreziny, thickness of 8-10 mm. (are sold in economic and tourist shops-170 rub - 2 kv meter).
[It is cut as a paper by a knife, but strong in other cases, - Any complex design for 10 minutes.]