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  Better Mouse choice - how to and WHY ?

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The Problem:

I want good mouse.
But not expansive - 40$ (? at reasonable price).

And following problems I see at that way:
Optical mouse that new and declared as modern -
have many explicit problems - optics not stable if
mate under it is not optical (does it true?)

In comparison with good mechanical mouse for right methodology.

just adequate ,under mouse mat cost is 20$ can be.
Else's can not keep abilities of mouse or make worse them
in effect in real use.
Unstable cursor behavior?

The friction of optical mouse is NOT considering today ever!
To my wonder.
any optical mouse make very big friction?

Flat mate is recommended for optical, but not compatible with theory of low friction -
tough material pyramided mate is better, due to no
molecular attraction is presented due to low square of contact,
no deformation is made due to tough - that is the friction.
But for flat case tough not likely can be created due to need of flexibility.
Does this correct?

Must be like metal on ice, but very often like finger on paper.

Does really getting properties is better than mechanical ones.
that can be very good at low price.

The explicit questions:
The dirt not acquiring at ball - is the only benefit of optical mouse ?

does the making optical mouse working like good mechanical
need to spend 3 times $.
"Mouse scatez" - is a "must have" for opticals,- 5$ -for two months.

there is some 800 dpi Logitech muses at 35$,
with 800 dpi -
does it can be really felt with quality made visible?

Does MX 310 is the best choice? 
- For gamers also - it is not having high weight,
and  hand stability form - but targeted for fast moving.
Who can just hand just lay down on mouse MX 500 like mouse form is better -
it suits and fits form of stable hand.

I think the only Logitech cares about hand suitability -
in design of mouse form.
(mechanical and optical equally)
elses are rough or not fit hand and fingers,
but mouse is 8 hours of using thing.
Is it right?

What else benefits of so best mouse?

does it worth their money in real comparison with mechanical mouse, if to not give very much points to community rate for look and feel of modern name?

what you can recommend or inform useful or interesting or more?

thanks you.


Is there more opinions?

Or no people understand importance of the mouse buy?
(Who do not think so ?, - may be is not good people!)

I want mouse for very stable and accurate work at work,
and sometimes for fast gaming - rarely- but can occur.

Currently I think that Mechanical mouse is better due to
no need for special mouse scatez,

(Optical ones usually did with NO good friction tablets,
except best ones! I tested many.)

unreasonability of opticians except make ball clear ones a week,
(all -45$ to 6$),

really more reliability of mechanical in comparison with not high
cost optical.

The sample of choice:

I bought the mouse
Logitech MX 310,
and results is following:
really good friction to differ from else optical mouses. +
(slightly better than 2 years used mechanical)
"Main Buttons" pressing is a very intelligent. +

It is slightly more weights that mechanical one. -
It no any more precise, that can be felt
at fast and abrupt movement, that mechanical one. -

People opinion:
also people very recommended Microsoft mouses,
as well Logitech MX.)

Movement is generally "slightly" more flat or stable during much time (one day of use).

I comparison with best mechanical one
Logitech S-48, from which form all other companies made a copy.

Need to always keep mouse at surface, not lift up at any important deal,
, to make cursor
stable, or they can move in not controlled side. (- )
Even it is deal of habit, not high, but visible in first time.

It is not suitable in common.
(you must teach yourself to afraid to lift up mouse.
Automatically. Mouse Design is also keep this intention.)

Mechanical - is at full "control".

Mechanical mouse is not worse substantially,
in any field,
but in summarizing of all small pluses
MX 310 worth to be bought,
BUT :not low cost optical mouse - it wrong for them.

After testing old mechanical and new Mx, I concluded the
horizontal control is visible better at MX,
due to mechanical is proceed many time through dirt cleaning,
new - can be same controlled.
vertical at Mechanical. It can in habit very fast.

CONTROL - is a feel of predictability, that if you move hand
cursor surely will move at needed place, no need of incorrect
behavior to be controlled and corrected each times you use mouse, that can be happen at average mouse , even automatically,
like you must see on keyboard, and
either can to not see and work faster, not finding
keys by eyes.

Some problem:
I took optical mouses for test (Genius)
on my usual very good mat (like I described "with theory")
- no any friction like metal on ice for almost any MECHANICAL mouse-
and any optical mouse performs on it very big friction.

Like CD on CD for compare friction in available for all checking form.

How to avoid big friction of usual optical mouse?

Really big problem. It is decisive point.
so please explain this as better as possible in comparison
with best cases.

You still not explained why mechanical mouse can be better for games, except habit.

not explicitly expressed why optical mouse better - only common word about sales story about luck of mechanical parts -
does this parts any really bad?

Except ones per week need take 1 minute for clearance.
(Does really hard?)

It is better to clear and precisely point why and where one better that other...

thanks who can help.

there are three best mates: (to realize pluses of mouses)
X track 20$
PLastic Pyramide - 0.5$
Mouse scatez (I begin to test) - 5$ for 2-3 months. (But Best ?)

All else - is a crap.

Enjoy for mouses (and people).