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"GetSoft - OneClick   1.0"

    That program proposes to you, immediate saving internet files, to needed
locations, with one click, best named, noted, and organized.

   It will be saved without your looking or attending pages(!), automatically,
remain in page only needed by your desire text with loaded only needed pictures, 
in original common format, or in some standard format for concrete kind of 
   Also it builds for you information base, searchable or sorted also by one click -
for all pages you need together looking in one view or one by one,
make uniform looking different sites and authors.
   It makes no loosed most interesting notes of other sources about each peace of info 
and your impression about it.

   So you can work fast, with no thinking, about saving, but dong this excellent,
remaining it to your business deal.

You newer forget or be unable to understand what you seen and did yesterday, and 
purpose of it.
(There are many information in www that you seen and thought and it can be easily loosen).

Manage your info with no work, but in most efficient way:
You can see that all but only what is need at once.

If you need this for evaluation send message to:

Beta version is working.



Copyright 2003